Big Energy Saving Week now on

Monday, January 22nd , 2018


 ‘Big Energy Saving Week’ is a government funded initiative in partnership with Citizens Advice and Energy Saving Trust to encourage us all to save energy and to provide practical advice on how to reduce our bills. 

There will be interesting snippets up on social media which will be worth looking out for and re-tweeting or ‘liking’, so join in the fun and link to this article from Facebook or Twitter and encourage your customers to save!

There really are some small changes we can make to take control of our energy bills by running a more energy efficient household.

Some easy ways to take control are: -

  • Take time to make sense of your energy bill to fully understand your energy use.
  • Switch off standby mode because most appliances can be turned off at the plug without affecting the programming.
  • Use a bowl in the sink instead of running the tap and fill the kettle sparingly with only the right amount of water you require.
  • Cut down by one washing cycle per week.
  • Fit a water efficient shower head if your shower gets hot water straight from your boiler or hot water tank. This will reduce your hot water usage without reducing the power of the shower.
  • To make significant yearly savings reduce your shower time by one minute less a day.
  • Most of the money spent on energy bills is from heating and hot water so get this under control. Turn down the thermostat in your room by one degree to make a difference.
  • Take advantage of new technology to help regulate and understand your energy consumption by getting ‘Smart heating controls’.
  • Changing to LED spotlights will save money and come in a variety of fittings, shapes and sizes.
  • Be vigilant and turn off your lights when they are not required.

Masterframe ‘A’ rated sash windows are Energy Saving Trust endorsed products and only the highest performing products are recommended by the Trust. 

Masterframe Windows Ltd was also the first company to be recommended by The Energy Savings Trust in the UK.

Our sash windows carry many more accreditations for your customer’s peace of mind.  Find out more here.


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<p>Masterframe have been GGF members since the mid 90s. Our MD has served on the GGF main board and chaired the Home Improvement Executive, FENSA and the BFRC. Membership gives you greater protection on a number of levels.</p>
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