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Thursday, January 26th , 2017

Sales for masterframe sash windows have been given a boost this year as we'd seen six new licenses granted to casement manufactures wishing to make welded, butt joint windows and find a sash window to match.

Every fabricator knows welding mitred joints are quick and simple to produce, being fully automated, mechanical joints however, are slow, time consuming and labour intensive. 

However homeowners who invest in expensive, highly detailed products much prefer the wooden appearance that butt joints have on timber windows and doors.

A new method of construction is needed, one that means the edges could be sealed (as welded joints) yet still produce the butt jointed appearance these customers love.


Well since 2006 we have quietly been making windows with just such a method, we’ve lead the sash window field with this truly authentic, vertical, butt jointing method, what’s more 11 years ago we took out a UK patent for it (GB0516352.2).

Today our novel idea is now being sought by fabricators up and down the country following the explosion of foiled, flush sash casements and doors. Fabricators can now weld joints quickly yet still provide butt jointed appearance, saving thousands in time.

At the same time we're cornering the market supplying quality butt jointed sash windows (as our license specifically ensures no other sash windows can be manufactured with this method).

Now registered as Timberweld® , these companies are finding a real appetite from installers keen to find flush sash windows with perfect corners, and they also need a sash window to match.

Aztec, CWG, Modplan are just some of the companies now fully licensed to sell doors, casements, flush sash using the Timberweld® branding, they’re finding the simplicity of the joint easier to manufacture and far less expensive than a new precision welder!

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