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Astragal Glazing Bars

Double glazing companies that don’t appreciate balanced aesthetics, often provide the cheapest method of mimicking glazing patterns regardless of how real they look.

This is normally evident by putting Georgian “canes” inside the cavity of the two sheets of glass. They rarely look real and can highlight “cheap windows” immediately.

These cheap to produce, dull and extremely poor imitations of the real thing remain brilliant white and often out of character against the weathered feel of the rest of the window.

With Masterframe sash windows you get authentic, three-dimensional, surface mounted astragal bars that are bonded, clipped and interlocked to ensure they never become detached.

Externally these are again “putty-lined” to match the chamfered sash, and have an Ovolo design internally to match the glazing beads.

While most will want to match the patterns of existing or original glazing bars, any design, layout or pattern can be provide, just ask your installer.

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Our MASTER INSTALLERS are a team of specially training craftsmen, chosen to deliver a quality installation of your Masterframe windows.