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Modern sash windows can only be considered secure if they have passed PAS24

Secured by Design

It was our design team that assisted BSI (British Standards Institution) in formalising the standards to which all sash windows should comply. Therefore it was a Bygone window that was the first sash window of any material to pass BS 9750, the predecessor to PAS24 in 2006. Shortly after this, the windows obtained the police preferred Secured by Design endorsement.

To pass the test, the windows were subjected to vigorous attacks, with each corner and locking point being tested in turn.  Unlike many inferior systems where keeps are simply screwed to the glazing beads (which takes seconds to break into), ours are secured directly into the steel-reinforced sash frame.

Peace of Mind

If you examine the claw lock section of our cams you will notice that they are handed which means that when two are fitted they come as a left and right-handed pair.  This helps to centralise the sashes in the frame preventing them from being forced to one side.

The locking keep is screwed into the meeting rail using four fixing screws, two vertically and two horizontally to maximise the resistance to the shear forces. On the top of the top sash, there are two metal rider blocks which hold the top sash in place so that it cannot be moved backwards and forwards.

Masterframe sash windows have several important benefits when it comes to your home. They help you retain the value of your property, offer increased ventilation and thermal efficiency, as well as added security features to bring peace of mind.

Invest For The Future

Avoiding inappropriate plastic casement style windows is essential to a good property upgrade. It’s tempting to save a few pounds with cheaper fenestration, but this invariably spoils the character of your home. De-valuing it this way surely far outweighs any short-term savings.

Standard double glazed windows often look flat, lifeless and boring. Worse still, the shiny plastic implies ‘cheap double glazing’ to the neighbours.

Investing in sash windows brings you immediate and enduring pleasures. Retaining the classic appearance to perfectly complement your home, you’ll live with something beautiful every day. You’ll also be making a very sensible addition to your biggest asset.

Windows As Safe As Houses

Old or young alike, it’s important you feel secure in your own home, but windows can compromise your security if they fail to meet the necessary standards.

Older window latches can often be easy for an intruder to flick open with a knife. Many modern sash windows only have keeps screwed into the glazing bead rather than the steel reinforcement, making it simple and quick to force them open for those who know what they are doing.

You can be confident your new Masterframe sash windows will be as safe as houses because we use steel claw cam catches and all the window furniture is screwed directly into the steel reinforcing. We were also the first company to attain accreditation from the police and even we helped write their security standard for sash windows, a standard that all designs are now tested to.

The Secret to Great Sleep

Air quality is essential to a peaceful night’s rest, as good ventilation means you are more likely to benefit from deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

Building regulations require a minimum of four air changes per hour but sometimes as many as 12. In tests, we’ve found that the average casement window, despite being FENSA compliant, provides less than three air changes,  in fact casement windows will actually trap stagnant air in the room.

Fortunately, sash windows offer far better circulation naturally, creating airflow; fresh air is drawn in, expelling stale air and removing harmful airborne stagnant toxins without the need for unsightly trickle vents.

Staying Snug

With energy prices as they are, we all want to conserve energy and reduce our fuel bills. Typically, original or older sash windows rattle and are too often jammed or painted shut. Ill-fitting sash windows let in air and allow heat to escape quickly, so modern, more efficient versions play a crucial part in eliminating nasty draughts.

We all know thick, well-insulated curtains and shutters help improve heat loss through a window. Single glazing loses 5.6 units of heat through each metre of glass, every hour, for every degree of temperature.

For example, the average window 4’ wide x 8’ high, (1200 x 2400) has nearly 3m of glazed area. If it’s -5° outside and 18° inside you’ll be losing 371 KW* of heat every hour through this one window.

Masterframe A rated sash windows are energy positive, meaning they gain more heat than they lose.

Designed to capture solar energy (especially when the sun is low in the sky during the spring and autumn), keeping the heat locked inside your room means you’ll conserve more energy, use less fuel and have a warmer room.

Our designs are unique in offering both strength and warmth; they are both A rated and Secured by design as standard. That’s because we use Krypton gas and fully steel reinforced sashes. You’ll compromise on cost, but not on strength or comfort.

*(2.88m x 5.6m units x 23 degrees)


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