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Our unique London Sash & Frame Windows

The exclusive system shares all the benefits of Masterframe’s Bygone Collection sash windows and is also available on the Heritage and Vintage windows from the Classic Collection.  This means that installers don’t have to rely on finding a bespoke design to achieve this window style.

Unique to the Market

London Sash and Frame is faster and easier to install than traditional arched windows and made bespoke to fit the original architecture. It’s an ideal option for conservation areas, as the authentic design offers incredible aesthetics, with white wood foil and a colour-matching paint service available if required.

Completely Bespoke

Masterframe now produces CAD drawings for each individual window specifying the PVC-U London Sash and Frame to ensure complete accuracy. High-quality panelling is then shaped by experts to fit each individual aperture.  Fully trained fabricators construct the window and complete to a stunning finish.

Your added financial advantage is that because the London Sash and Frame fits the shape of the original architecture and incorporates all the original traditional features, the value of the property will be maintained.

It is perfect for replacing timber windows with an arched exterior and square interior, commonly found in Victorian buildings in London and the surrounding areas.

Key Features & Benefits

Super Slim 39mm Meeting Rail

The Bygone Symphony has an industry first for PVC-U sash windows by introducing a super slim mid-rail measuring just 39mm (1 ó“), as seen on so many Georgian properties. Whilst it is a standard feature on the Symphony Collection, it is an optional extra on Bygone Harmony. We have also reduced the rail at the top of the lower sash to 52mm.

Integral 99mm Slim Mullion

The visible mullion between windows in some cases can be as wide as 250mm, which is nothing like the slim mullions on original timber windows. On triple window styles, where the centre sash slides and the two wings are fixed, thick sight-lines are even more obvious, negatively impacting on any authentic detailing.

Thin Sealed Units

Air filled insulated sealed units were once 28mm, but as we use gas filled units we have been able to reduce the depth to 24mm or even 18mm. The extra thin unit allows for even deeper Georgian bar and glazing beads which improves the look of the sashes still further. Standard on both the Symphony and Harmony Collections.

Continuous or Run-through Horns

Today sash horns are still needed to retain the traditional appearance of your box sash windows. Unlike decorative, ‘clip on’ horns which can become detached, look artificial and have a tendency to fade in colour, all Bygone sash horns are sculpted from the sash itself. Commonly known as ‘run through’ or ‘continuous’ horns, these are fitted with
flush fitting end caps to close the chambers.

Deep Bottom Rail

Traditionally, the lower rail of the bottom sash was often made from 4” or 5” timbers and planed to about 100mm. This was substantially heavier (deeper) than the side members or mid-rail because it had to carry more weight than the upper sash. All Bygone collection windows have this thicker, butt jointed deep bottom rail as standard, mechanically joined by hand in our factory.

Authentic Georgian Bars

All Masterframe windows use a patented method of interlocking and securing bars to the glass with our patented Georgi®Clip, so bars are guaranteed to stay firmly attached for the life of the window

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Our MASTER INSTALLERS are a team of specially trained craftsmen, selected by us, to deliver a quality installation of your chosen Masterframe windows.

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Our installers are fully trained and chosen for their skills in delivering a quality installation. If you would like to find out more about our Master Installers please click here.

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