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Health Benefits of Sash Windows

You may be thinking about sash windows for their aesthetic appeal or for their period charm but did you know the design could benefit your health considerably too?

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Natural ventilation, sash windows are best for purge ventilation.

Improved Air Quality Icon

Improved air quality, with 8 air changes per hour, cleaner, fresher air aids breathing.

Avoiding common ventilation issues icon

Avoiding common ventilation issues like mould, condensation or algae.

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Better sleep because of natural convection and air circulation.

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Cooler rooms during warm, stuffy summer nights.

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Fewer draughts keeping cold outside and heated warmth inside.

Natural Ventilation

Sash windows have been providing natural, eco-friendly, air conditioning since the first one was installed over 350 years ago. With no moving parts, electrical requirements, mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems to worry about, sash windows provide far better ventilation than casement styled windows.

By lowering the top sash and raising the bottom sash, warm air is able to rise towards the ceiling. Cooler, fresh air, being heavier, is then drawn into the room and then drops to the floor pushing more air towards the ceiling. As this air rises it accelerates the process, drawing more fresh air into a room.

Improved Air Quality

Indoor air quality is even more important than air from outside. Toxins in many products, from paint to air fresheners can negatively impact our health. The fresh air that sash windows draw into the room, helps to combat this build up – so you can breathe easy.

Avoid Common Ventilation Issues

Harmful dampness, condensation, fungal spores, green algae and even unwelcome insect nests are all caused by a lack of ventilation. All of these can be improved with better air circulation. Sash windows have proved to provide this far more than any other window style.

“It appears to replicate a traditional sliding sash window very closely. The effect is so convincing that it is difficult to differentiate between the two, even at close quarters.”

Best for Sleep

You don’t need to listen to the rattle of old sash windows either. Removing stale air, stagnant toxins and harmful spores that encourage allergies, means that opting for a sash design will enable you to sleep more peacefully and wake up feeling more refreshed – every single day.

You’ll be particularly grateful on hot summer evenings. Instead of uncomfortable, sleepless nights, your new sash windows will allow air to circulate around your bedroom and you to get a proper night’s rest.

Keeping You Cool

During summer, casement and other window designs act as hot air scoops. Warm air rising along the outside surface of a building reaches the window and deflects inwards, increasing the temperature further and causing rooms to overheat.

Sash window circulation forces hot air from the room; the warmer it gets, the better the air flow, keeping rooms bearable, even in heat waves.

Eliminate Draughts

Winter draughts are so uncomfortable and losing warmth adds to your heating bills too. Chilly draughts force you to sit further away from windows giving less useable space in a room. Our triple brushpile draught excluders and foam baffles mean you won’t feel cold air when the nights are drawing in.

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