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Balanced Aesthetics

Sash windows usually comprise two sliding sashes each retaining a double-glazed, sealed unit. In most cases, the window will be “split” equally in the height so the visible glass will be the same height in each unit.

Aesthetically however, it’s important to have clean vertical lines that run through the upper and lower sashes. You’ll want the bars to align and the Georgian squares to be of equal size.

Imitation or cheap windows try to mimic this detail but fail. Look closely at neighbouring houses and you’ll soon see the mishmash of glazing panes. Irrespective of which collection you chose, all Bygone sash windows can be designed to ensure sightlines align and panes within the same window are equal if specified.

Externally these are again “putty-lined” to match the chamfered sash, and have an Ovolo design internally to match the glazing beads.

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