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Cill Pads

Water has a knack of finding any weakness, however small. Sash window joints are no exception, which is why we have invented adhesive foam pads that seal the joints between the cill and the frame. Every window on each range has these bespoke pads as standard, so you’ll never need to worry about leakage as they prevent any chance of water ingress

In addition to this, the brush piles are cut back to prevent them acting as wicks and by absorption, drawing water into your home.  As a final preventative measure for your complete peace of mind we also add a short silicone seal as well, just to be sure.

Don’t take chances with your home. By spending a little extra during the manufacturing process you’ll be protected from the inconvenience and disappointment of damp walls, wet carpets or worse.

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Our MASTER INSTALLERS are a team of specially training craftsmen, chosen to deliver a quality installation of your Masterframe windows.