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Deep Georgian Bar and Glazing Bead

Providing the deepest, most authentic internal glazing bead and georgian bar, these windows look far superior to the standard plant-on bars seen on many windows. Interlocking the bars forms a durable grille which is firmly attached to the glass surface, while the bar ends are clamped in place using patented stainless steel Georgi-clips.

Having been tested by the BBA for 20,000 opening cycles (equivalent to 20 years usage) you can be certain that they’ll stay adhered, we guarantee it! Generally other manufacturers simply rely upon a double sided sticky tape or plastic (not stainless steel) clips, never guaranteeing the adhesion of their georgian bars, let alone allowing you to open the window using the bars to do so!

You’ll be able to do just that with the vast majority of your windows (very small windows or odd designs may not have georgi-clips. These deeper bars are not available in a gloss finish, but only in white, cream or sprayed to your chosen colour.

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Our MASTER INSTALLERS are a team of specially training craftsmen, chosen to deliver a quality installation of your Masterframe windows.