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Foam Baffles

Extrusion companies who design the PVC-U profiles, always recommend that sashes are fully reinforced with steel to provide structural strength and to deter burglars.

This helps prevent deflection in windy weather and to structurally reinforce the sashes so they are capable of carrying the weight of the glass, and provides a strong secure fixing for the handles, latches, and other components.

As you have probably already guessed, not every company complies with these rules. Some will reduce costs by removing this reinforcement altogether, so you just have flimsy plastic with no reinforcement. Others use plastic to reinforce plastic, cutting corners, but charging over the odds.

Every Bygone sash window (apart from curved head windows for obvious reasons) has a length of galvanized steel reinforcement that is a full 1.5mm thick, not the 1-1.2mm that is sometimes offered by others. So rest assured that your Bygone windows will be far stronger, more secure and substantially heavier than others… they are simply built to last.

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