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Pole Eye and Scroll Handles Fitting Jig
Instructions for Use

Fitting Handles can make or break the appearance of a good installation. The handles only need to be slightly off of straight to spoil the whole installation.

To that ends we have 3D printed some drill jigs, one for the top sash pole eye and, scroll handles into the Deep bottom rail and another for the top sash pole and, scroll handles into the large bottom rail configuration which will pick up on this reinforcing in the correct position and keep the holes in line to ensure a straight fit.

The free jig you have been sent is suitable for use on all Bygone sash windows with a deep bottom rail. Jigs are available for non-deep bottom rails and Authentic sash windows at a cost of £9.99 + vat by using the order form below.

The Masterframe PVC-U sash window is fitted with a galvanised steel reinforcing in the head bar of the top sash and, the large bottom rail of the bottom sash, or an aluminium reinforcing if it is the deep bottom rail.

To use these jigs, mark with a pencil on the sash the desired position of the handle and, then using the jig, look for the correct way up and hook the jig either over the top rail of the top sash, align the pencil marks in the centre viewing slots and drill using a 3mm drill bit, or over the lower edge of the bottom sash.

As you are drilling into the metal reinforcing it is critical that the PVC-U is protected, especially the cill, from the swarf as this will be hot and will very easily burn into the PVC-U or especially the foil finishes, resulting is the creation of brown rust marks which are nearly impossible to correct.

Need More Jigs?

Additional jigs are available to order at a cost of £9.99 + vat, from your usual Masterframe contact, by emailing or by completing the form below.

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