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Tilt Restrictors

Tilt restrictors are metal side arms made from stainless steel, that allow sliding sashes to be tilted for safe cleaning. With sashes often weighing over 40lbs in weight it is vital that a pair of stays is fitted to each sash, both top and bottom.

Some companies will save costs by fitting tilt restrictors to the lower sash only, or by fitting just a single tilt restrictor to each sash.

This is a false economy, as a pair of tilt restrictors on each sash provides double the safety. Without them there is a risk that sashes could crash into the room damaging furniture, walls or possibly injuring yourself or a family member.

Some designs of tilt restrictor are extremely sharp, acting similarly to scissors and cutting through the brush pile, reducing the effectiveness of the brush seal every time they are opened or closed, which in turn allows in air and creates a draught.

On our windows, these edges are especially rounded to ensure the tilt restrictor rolls past the brush pile, leaving the pile to do its job, preventing draughts.

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