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Torso’ II Spiral Spring Balances

These make your sash windows work – just as the weights and pulleys did in the original single glazed, timber windows.

Originally on timber windows, the weight of the glass and sash were counter balanced by a lead weight dangling on the end of the cord.

These counter weights meant that wooden windows would open easily (when not already painted shut) and remain in the position required, because the glass and timber sash weight was equal to the lead weights, thus keeping the sash counter-balanced.

Little or no effort was required to move the sash because there was no friction between the sash and the frame, that’s why they often rattled and were draughty.

‘Torso’ balances are the Rolls Royce of spring balances. Designed by a Dutchman in 1946, they epitomise great engineering. Individually manufactured in 0.5kg increments (1lb), and for perfect lengths, these balances have two springs; one wound clockwise, the other anti-clockwise.

As a sash is opened, so one spring extends getting longer as the other compresses, getting shorter, counterbalancing each other for their entire life. They are immensely reliable and incredibly durable.