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Travel Restrictors or Limit Stops

These are devices that prevent a window from opening beyond 100mm, particularly useful for bedrooms.

There have been several variations of travel restrictors, from a simple nail or screw bolt going through both sashes into chunky wrap around locks or plastic spring loaded catches.

Masterframe limit stops have been specially commissioned to our bespoke design to sit flush in the surface of the sash and securely screwed into the steel reinforcement. This reduces wear on brush piles and prevents draughts for years to come.

In case you’re wondering why there are two limit stops on your windows it is because experience has shown that fitting just one, will over time cause the lower sash to twist.

The constant banging of the lower sash against the limit stop forces the lower sash into a trapezoidal shape, loosening the glass setting blocks, which leads to the glass becoming loose in the sash.

By fitting a pair of limit stops, any force from banging the sashes is equalised, actually keeping the sashes square for the life of the window and aesthetically balancing the appearance of the window.

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