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Trickle Vents

It is vital to have good ventilation, as without it people can suffer from breathing difficulties caused by poor air quality. Original box sashes provided ‘natural background ventilation’… known as draughts.

The current building regulations for new buildings offer four system possibilities of achieving background ventilation. The most common adopted methods incorporate the use of trickle vents. Your architect will specify which method has been designed into your property.

When replacing existing windows the rules are slightly more relaxed. If trickle vents are present in the existing windows, they need to be incorporated into the new windows, however we would prefer not to fit them because they provide a super passage for airborn dirt, wind and noise to pass straight through our windows.

We would prefer you used sash windows properly, with both the top and bottom open. Sash windows are more efficient at purge ventilation and changing air than ANY other style of window.

For more information see health benefits.

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