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When you have invested in the most beautiful, high quality sash windows for your home, you would like to think that you will be appreciating them for a very long time. You deserve to be safe in the knowledge that all you have read and been told about your new windows are not only true but certified by a very prestigious and trusted third party.

Masterframe Windows are a specialist sash window manufacturer and still one of the very few to have achieved the British Board of Agrément “Whole of Life” performance tested status for all the sash windows it produces.

To give you an idea about what this certification stands for, the BBA website describes their certification as follows “BBA Agrément Certificate is a mark of excellence based on rigorous national and European standards that validate a construction product’s specialist formulation, capability and uniqueness. Certification is an achievement that delivers the power of product confidence, industry satisfaction and market leadership.” Read more about BBA certification here.

But what does this say about the quality and longevity of the sash windows from Masterframe? This guarantees that Masterframe sash windows have been effectively put through their paces by a 20,000 cycle endurance test which would guarantee the smooth operation of the window for 20 years. Masterframe products exceeded this test requirement and you are therefore safe in the knowledge that your windows are built to stand the test of time. Every single component on the window is subject to this third party testing before the full BBA approval is awarded.

It also does not matter when you purchased or purchase your Masterframe sash windows, as long as it was after the first certification was achieved on 10th December 2003. This is because the BBA has continued to audit Masterframe, twice yearly ever since then. These audits are in place so that Masterframe has to consistently prove that their products are being manufactured to the same quality standard that was originally specified and agreed in order to achieve ongoing certification.

Recently on 12 April 2021, the BBA gave Masterframe a clean bill of health having completed an audit remotely but in the same exacting detail as has been physically done in the past.

Ray Rabett, Technical & Compliance Director for Masterframe Windows says “Although the audit was carried out remotely, the same detailed checking processes were in place to ensure that we had not dropped our quality standards in any way.

Just some of the many areas audited against the original standards were windows size and specification, correct reinforcement, materials as documented and agreed and procedures for enhanced quality control. Factory conditions, storage conditions, processes and records are all scrutinised in great detail and even the position of screws are tested for conformance to the original Quality Plan.”

With all this stringent independent testing in place, when investing in Masterframe sash windows, customers are guaranteed to receive a product that has been manufactured to the highest possible standards.”

Ray Rabett concludes “We are 100% committed to both product and service excellence and remain completely focussed on ensuring that customers receive products that exceed their expectations and are built to last. In submitting to this regular third party testing by a well renowned organisation, we are in a sense offering a concrete guarantee of our ongoing commitment.”

To find out more about all the quality choices we can offer you, please visit or find your closest Bygone Master Installer here.