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When security matters

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) set up Secured by Design (SBD) to encourage the building industry to adopt crime prevention measures in housing.

The scheme creates a safer and more secure environment, including safer windows.

Surprisingly, security isn’t a British Standard! Yes products must be “fit for purpose” but that requires simply holding the window together, most standrad windows offer very little resistance to attempted break ins.

We pay to belong to this organisation and to have our products tested regularly. Very few products meet these enhanced security levels but fitting the same unique cam catches, finger latches and alike and having them independently tested by SBD, means you can be satisfied that your windows will be as secure as we claim them to be.

The programme is endorsed and supported by The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and funded through partnership with companies like ours. Our products meet technical standards identified by the ACPO – so the windows we supply you with are independently tested and deemed secure.

The scheme requires manufacturers to meet six core criteria:

  • Integrated approach – all interested parties are involved from discussions to completion of building developments.
  • Environmental quality and sense of ownership – ensuring the environment is well designed, attractive, well defined and maintained to promote a sense of pride, shared ownership and community responsibility.
  • Natural surveillance – designing the development layout to ensure community areas are open to view.
  • Access and footpath – adequate access that limits potential for multiple escape routes.
  • Open space provision and management – making sure open spaces are overlooked and well maintained.
  • Lighting – ensuring communal areas and pathways are well lit and avoid shadow, for security and safety.

Many companies will claim that their sash windows have SBD Accreditation when this is not the case, you can verify our claim by searching the SBD website – – selecting vertical sliding windows.



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