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Generally speaking, the home design world is a fickle thing. Popular stylistics come and go, trends spring up and disappear frequently and new ideas are always on the horizon. When it comes to windows, things are little different. Whilst traditional and contemporary stylistics are still very much components when it comes to choosing your windows, there’s less room for real, comparable experimentation. This means that we tend to stick with basic styles, until one particular new trend is found to work well, and suddenly everybody wants to clamber on board. Such is the case with the brilliant and beautiful new trend, dark trimmed windows. Here, we explore what they’re good for, what they’re not so good for, and where you could use them in your home!

One of the great things about window trims is that, with the right expertise, they can be changed multiple times to suit, say, a changing season, or personal preference. With black or dark trimmed windows, they can work both internally or externally, and often a darker sash can look particularly contemporary, or especially traditional depending on the house they’re being used on.

Internally, a black trim can add a dramatic overtone to any room. This powder room below is one example of it being used in a singular room of the house, something to complement the design of the room already in place, where it may not be necessary in other rooms.

This interior example accentuates the traditional style of the room, giving the windows a thick black outline that stands well against the beige colour of the wall behind it.

Conversely, from the outside, these chic, finely edged windows both top and bottom add a luxurious contemporary tone, again complimented by the lighter finish of the walls.

As a rather stately modern home that mixes a contemporary build with traditional stylistic overtones, the black trims work beautifully here, even on the slightly darker stone.

Could dark trimmed windows work in your home? Do you have an interior space that could be made cosier with a thick dark edging, or perhaps a lighter brick that would benefit from the fine lines of a black sash? Head over to our Facebook page to share your ideas or your own home, and for more information on the sash windows we here at Bygone provide, give our friendly team a call today on 0800 591 854!