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The summer is a season that many people anticipate for the other 9 months of the year, as it’s a time when you can enjoy getting out in your garden and relaxing. Many people become happier and cheerier in the sun, as it lifts your mood and all of life’s worries often float away with the hot weather. Whilst the temperatures will no doubt lift spirits, there may be times that you want nothing more than to get out of the heat, so it’s vital to think about what you can do in your home to make it a more comfortable atmosphere. Sash windows are the first thing to consider investing in for the hot summer weather, and you’ll find a wide range here in the Bygone Collection.It may not sound like rocket science but you have to carefully consider how you are going to use your windows in the warmer weather. Many people make the mistake of opening everything in the hope that the temperature will lower in the house, however this isn’t the best way to cool down.

Having invested in our high quality sash windows, you can be smart with the climate and carefully position your windows to provide a comfortable atmosphere, whether at home or in the office, without having to spend money on air conditioning that uses a huge amount of energy and produces high levels of carbon emissions.

The trick to using sash windows effectively is to create equal gaps at the top and bottom of the window; which will allow cool air to penetrate through the bottom opening therefore pushing the hot air out of the top. Another thing to consider is that, overnight, the temperature will often lower so leaving your windows open at this time will help to keep your house cool for when you wake in the morning; obviously remember security and only do this if it’s safe to do so.

Sash windows are a versatile and great tool to keep you cool in the summer, so take a look at our collection today.