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100 year old terraced building becomes a ‘Superhome’

Here at Bygone, we always like to provide you with details on locations where our sash windows have been installed, and on this occasion, we have a real treat. This 100 year old property in Essex has been awarded ‘superhome’ status, due to its very low carbon footprint.

The owners have completely renovated and transformed their terraced house from a cold, run down and unloved house into an open plan, eco-friendly, low carbon home that, after being assessed by the Sustainable Energy Scheme, achieved ‘superhome’ status and became a member of the Old Home Superhome Network. The latter is a network of homeowners with low carbon homes who open their doors to members of the public to visit and see the improvements that have been made and gain inspiration for how they too can become greener in their own homes.

Whilst the owners knew the south facing rear would be ideal for solar panels, and they knew the insulation methods they needed, they had real concerns about the windows.

They knew they wanted the property to look just as it did when it was first build, ie it had to have sash windows but maintaining painted timber just seemed to add to their concerns. They had seen some bygone sash windows but the welded joints were a distraction, they wanted something far more authentic. That’s when they heard about the butt jointed construction on the Bygone Mark III (Bygone Symphony) sash windows.

These sash windows were ‘A’ rated, so well in excess of the building regulations ‘C’ ratings. They were amazed with the jointing system it provides an identical appearance to the timber originals, and by the grained wood effect that could be achieve through ‘foiling’, which provides a textured veneer and gives the feel and look of painted timber.

The choice of appropriate windows was a serious consideration in the eco-refurbishment of this beautiful old home. Low carbon, energy efficient, minimal maintenance were taken for granted, but these owners also wanted authentic windows to harmonised into an old building seamlessly and provide them with all the benefits of modern day living. Warmer and quieter, they no longer have any uncomfortable draughts but have significant reductions in their heating bills, so their retirement money goes further, through fantastic energy efficiency.

The end result is quite stunning.

Not only do the windows look great and as if they have been in place for many years, they also complement the low carbon goals of the home and family living in it.

It’s not just 100 year old “superhomes” that we can install our windows in though, so if you would like to experience all the benefits that our simply stunning sash windows have to offer, please give us a call today to discuss your requirements with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team or arrange a free design consultation and see the windows up close for yourself.

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