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There are so many benefits of sharing your home with plants, they are not only a beautiful, live accessory but their benefits go far beyond that, offering a host of health benefits.

Reducing stress and creating a feeling of well-being, indoor plants create interest in a room and remove toxins from the air.  According to NASA research, 87% of volatile organic compounds such as Formaldehyde, Benzene and Trichloroethylene are removed every 24 hours.  These substances are present in common household items such as rugs, grocery bags, inks, solvents, paints and in the case benzene, books and printed papers.

It is interesting that there are some plants such as orchids and succulents that do not typically absorb oxygen and release carbon monoxide at night like other plants and humans but do the opposite,  making them ideal plants  for bedrooms to freshen and purify the air at night.

This year, Aloe Vera is extremely popular with its fleshy cool leaves,  it is low maintenance,  requiring water only when the soil is dry.  The plant has also many well publicised medicinal uses from soothing and hydrating dry skin to helping with digestion and supporting the immune system.

Plants and sash windows have much in common with both offering many health benefits.  Read more about how sash windows can improve your health and improve air quality.

Sash window health benefits