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Found in many churches and cathedrals around the world, stained glass windows are not only known for their decorative appeal but are sometimes referred to as “The poor Man’s bible”. During medieval times, most poor people were illiterate and so could not afford or read the bible.  Biblical events were therefore illustrated by imagery in the stained glass with certain colours becoming associated with different elements such as :

Red                         Strong emotion such as love and hate

Blue                        Heaven and hope

Green                     Symbolising nature, growth and rebirth and immortality

Black                      Although rare it hints at death

Brown                    As in a monks robe, renunciation of worldly things

Yellow                    Symbolises both the treachery and the halo of saints, power and glory

Purple                    Symbolises endurance and suffering but also royalty and God the father

Grey                       Immortality of the spirit, mourning and humility

Rainbow               Gods covenant with humanity

Understanding of the above use of colour can help one grasp the deeper meanings that the windows were designed to pass on to those that visited these places of worship to educate and inspire.

Although the Bygone Collection does not offer stained glass sash windows, with certain Georgian bar designs, we can offer coloured film that creates the impression of stained glass.  Some of our installers will even offer the option of incorporating your own refurbished glass panels inside new double glazed units.  Although you will have to consider the weight, this is sometimes possible with original leaded glass panes.  Whatever your specific glass requirements,  do not hesitate to speak to your local installer who will always try to accommodate your special requirements.  Contact your nearest installer here.