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With properties being built closer and closer together to accommodate the ever increasing demand for housing, privacy and security are becoming a greater issue. The challenge is to choose the best glass for the task of allowing in maximum light yet achieving the required amount of privacy.

If privacy is not the issue, perhaps there is an unattractive area in the property that requires masking and in that case a different level of obscuration would be required.
In both scenarios, we want the glass to perform on both a practical and aesthetic level, being stylish and visually appealing to blend in with the character of the property from the classic to the contemporary.

Obscured glass provides the perfect solution.

Obscured glass can also be a decorative feature in the right setting, and is fast becoming a popular choice amongst architects, designers and home owners. There is now a wide range of styles and levels of obscuration available from what is referred to as textured glass to the really upmarket etched glass.

It is not common knowledge that obscured glass is clear on the inside and textured on the outside so that the window maintains a favourable energy rating.
Obscured glass is available as a standard option on Bygone Collection windows.

For a full list of available patterns, please contact John Samuels on 01376 534-110

Obscure Glass Performance