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It’s amazing the number of people who, having invested thousands of pounds buying their dream home, destroy its value having inappropriate windows fitted! Windows are the eyes of a property, good ones go unnoticed, getting them right visually is vitally important. With the a vast array of window styles on the market today and the desire to be different from ones neighbour, it’s all too easy to end up with something that doesn’t quite match the overall aesthetics, very easy to lose the character, charm and feel of your home.Inside or out, when it comes to home design, consistency is a big factor. News reports suggest an influx of mass produced, standard, casement styled plastic windows, jarring the traditional look of beautiful homes in architectural conservation areas; and while there are a whole range of benefits to both materials, if you’re looking for authentic wooden sash windows, to retain your homes character then look no further than Bygone Sash Windows.


Here at Bygone, we understand that you need your windows to be safe and secure as well as beautiful, and as such our range is made from the highest quality engineered timber. You can rest assured your windows will go the distance, adverse weather effects and all; and being made from engineered hardwoods, means they’re much harder to damage, will act as a deterrent to thieves and unwanted visitors and will not twist or warp like solid wood.


Sash windows are notoriously inefficient, draughty and noisy as they rattle in the wind. If you’re worried about receiving traditional “insulation” (i.e. not very effective!) with our authentic style windows, you need not. Complying with up to date insulation and thermal efficiency standards you’re guaranteed these modern sash windows are every bit as modern in terms as you might expect, but with the same character and charm of the original sash windows.


With an aesthetic that is utterly incomparable in terms of style, and one that adds a sense of elegance to your home, our range is stunningly beautiful and promises those period, traditional stylistics whilst refusing to compromise on efficiency and durability. With the conventional spring balanced, or the traditional weights and pulley options, BFRC A rated, as well as Energy Savings Recommended, these are the perfect windows for your home.

With all of these brilliant features, wooden sash windows are the perfect way to retain the unique appearance your home has enjoyed. After a detailed discussion to help us understand your precise needs, we paint and stain your windows to your exact requirements.

Here at Bygone, we’re dedicated to bringing you products that work, windows which fit your budget and that are professionally installed by skilled, qualified craftsmen. Installation is carried out in the expert manner you’d expect from such revered window specialists, aiming to bring you service, quality and beauty all in one amazing package.

So pick up the phone to us here at Bygone Windows today keep the tradition of real wooden sash windows alive in your home.