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If you live in a period property, it is important to find authentic windows to replace existing sash windows. Finding a manufacturer who can provide sash windows of a traditional design can help you to maintain the authentic style of your home whilst still allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of modern and efficient windows. Bygone Collection are one such manufacturer. By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern materials, we are able to create efficient windows which will make the perfect addition to any home. This is precisely what we did recently for Chris and Sylvia Ellis.

Chris and Sylvia’s property required seventeen bespoke sash windows. Their sash windows feature a distinctive leaded design, with coloured panes in blue, red and yellow shades to bring some colour to the exterior of their beautiful period property. This is enhanced by their choice of a classic white frame, which highlights the distinctive use of colour and helps this property to make a real impression.

As well as bringing the perfect finishing touch to their home, these windows also help Chris and Sylvia’s property to complement its neighbours and blend in with its surroundings; a great example of how our sash windows can help to maintain the period appearance of your residential area. Bygone Collection are proud of our ability to reproduce authentic sash windows for new modern installations, and the success of this installation is a testament to the quality of our sash window service. Our network of highly-qualified Bygone-approved installers have the expertise required to fit your new windows to the very highest standards, and their skills help us to offer our customers a service which cannot be matched.

Our reputation as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of sash windows is based on the success of projects such as this one, and the number of satisfied customers we have helped in the past, including Chris and Sylvia, confirms our position as a premier sash window company. For authentic windows to complement your period property, look no further than Bygone Collection.