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It’s not often that you purchase something like windows, so when it comes to it, it’s understandable for you to be confused by the range of technical terms that are thrown around. Here at Bygone we understand how frustrating it can be when companies use technical jargon that leave you utterly perplexed. If this situation sounds familiar, have a look at our guide to the technical terms:

Limit Stops – these devices quite simply restrict how far a window can open. The opening is limited to 100mm to ensure safety, which is ideal for a child’s bedroom. Unlike other companies, we fit two limit stops to our windows as this prevents the twisting that is seen in prolonged use of windows with only one.

Tilt Restrictors – it’s essential that your windows are fitted with tilt restrictors to ensure that they are safe to use. A tilt restrictor is the metal arm attached to the side of the window to allow the window to be titled safely. For heavy windows (over 40lb) it’s imperative that there are two tilt restrictors fitted yet some companies will only fit one in order to cut back on costs.

Cill Pads – these pads are designed to prevent moisture entering your home through your windows. The foam pads are placed between the frame and the cill sections and are compressed when the two are screwed together, creating an effective barrier against moisture.

Foam Baffles – these pads are designed to ensure that the window is able to take the full weight of the glass as well as to prevent deflection in windy conditions. They also provide a strong fixing for handles and latches. Unfortunately, despite the vital importance of these pads, foam baffles are often removed by unscrupulous companies looking to cut costs.

If you’re unsure about what you need or want from your windows, here at Bygone we’re always happy to offer you valuable advice. Why not browse our website or contact us directly for more information?