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No matter where you live and whatever the overall appearance of your home, the breathtaking aesthetics of sash windows from Bygone Collection will be perfectly suited to your property, as they not only enhance  the entire exterior and offer a traditional look, but come with modern benefits that any homeowner would want to have.

When we say sash windows are perfect for any home, we mean it – as they have been installed throughout the most prestigious and precious properties in England. These include properties that are within conservation areas and which have Article 4 directives , which both have to adhere to very strict regulations on any renovation work.

For instance, upon finding out that a homeowner of a property located inside a conservation area had replaced their rotten timber sashes with strong and attractive PVC-U ones from the Bygone Collection, the conservation officer’s initial reaction was to tell the owner to remove them and return the property to its original design. However, upon viewing the quality and authenticity of these sliding sash windows, the conservation officer deemed them acceptable and no removal was required.

This story just goes to show the commitment to quality and appearance we put into our sash windows throughout all ranges of timber and PVC-U. Our sashes not only live up to the traditional stylings that are upheld in homes throughout the United Kingdom, but also provide the modern insulation and energy saving benefits that any homeowner would come to expect from their windows.

All of the above makes Bygone Collection sash windows perfectly suited to any property as the choice of traditional timber or more modern PVC-U, which both maintain high standards of usability and energy saving capabilities along with the unforgettable appearance, will please each and every homeowner who has them installed. Contact us today to find out more and to speak to a local installer.