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When you are looking for new windows for your home, there will be two things to keep in mind as you shop: style and function. The best windows combine a stylish finish which can enhance the exterior of any home, with a functional, efficient design which really works. If functional style is what homeowners are looking for from their windows, then it is easy to see why sash windows have always been such a popular choice. As a manufacturer of the very best sash windows, Bygone Collection know just how to create windows which offer the high quality finish and great performance that homeowners require, so read on to learn more about the stylish and functional characteristics of our sashes.


With their authentic design and traditional features, Bygone Collection sash windows can help you to add a touch of classic style to any property. Whether you have a modern home and are looking to strike an impressive balance between the contemporary look of your property and the traditional style of sashes, or your period property requires an authentic window to complement its features, we can help.

Choosing from uPVC windows or wooden sashes, and with the opportunity to have windows designed which perfectly match your specification, you can easily find sash windows to match the style of your home when working with Bygone Collection.


Good windows should be designed with functionality in mind. Bygone Collection sash windows are manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure that they last, and are designed by our expert team to provide the performance that we know homeowners are looking for. This means that as well as looking great, our windows are also efficient; updating the authentic style of sashes with the energy-saving properties of modern glazing. Of course, these sash windows will help your home to stand out, but they will also help your home to work much more efficiently.

When you are looking for sash windows which offer the very best in terms of style and function, look no further than bespoke Bygone Collection sashes.