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There are some things that are typical of houses built in the Georgian era and many of these features can be seen on the most famous of all residences in the United Kingdom, No 10 Downing Street.During this period a window tax was levied to raise money for the war and multiple windows signified wealth.  Some poor people bricked up windows to avoid this tax whilst others only had a single window per floor.

An easy checklist to help identify a Georgian property would be the following:

  • Building would have a square, symmetrical shape
  • Sash windows with multiple panes
  • Smaller windows closer to the roof
  • Paired chimneys on both sides of the house
  • Pillars in front of the house with a fan light above the door
  • Side gabled or hipped roof (sloping upwards on all sides of the building)
  • Cornices with decorative mouldings
  • Cast Iron railings

If you have a Georgian style house and think about replacing your sash windows, you might be interested to know that when Bygone sash windows are manufactured, the Georgian Bar is lovingly applied by hand.

We have also considered that most people will push, pull or lift their sashes using the Georgian bar instead of the handles.

For this reason, most companies specifically exclude plant on Georgian bar from their guarantees.

The Bygone Collection still offers the 12 Year Guarantee because clever patented interlocking joints where the bars meet, together with our unique Georgi®clips ensures that each bar is continuous and cut to the full size of the sash rebate.

Every bar is secretly notched so they are inter-locked and clamped for a snug fit to the glass surface.  This production method has all been tested by the British Board of Agrément who state that the bars should remain attached to the sash for the lifetime of the sealed unit.  You will not find that from many other companies.

To read more about all the styles we offer, download our brochure here.