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When you’re looking to purchase new sash windows for your home, there are many things that you’ll look for; double glazing is essential, you’ll consider the colour and the design of the window and maybe the energy efficiency. However, as most of us know, there is always a whole list of features about windows that we simply don’t understand and so often ignore. Here at Bygone, we supply high quality sash windows that can make the perfect addition to your home and to help you make an informed decision about which windows meet your requirements, here’s an explanation of some technical terms you may not know:


A cam catch is quite simply a locking system for a window. Years ago, cam catches were easily opened by burglars as the lock was ineffective; however, new technology has allowed us at Bygone to develop these ornate locks with our ‘beehive’ design which involves a key locking system. Cam catches are a great way to keep your windows secure whilst looking stylish.


The purpose of safety stays are, you guessed it, to ensure your safety; large sash windows must be restricted from tilting as the sash is too heavy and exceeds the maximum weight specified at which a window can be tilted safely. Consequently, at Bygone we fit our windows with safety stays to stop your window tilting at all and preventing accidents; our safety standards do not meet but actually exceed safety regulations which state that the tilt must be restricted. Incredibly, many companies do not fit any tilt restrictors or safety stays to their windows; putting you in danger every time you use your windows.

Here at Bygone we are committed to providing you with the highest quality sash windows alongside an exceptional customer service. If you would like more information, please browse our website or you can give us a ring to speak to a member of our team.