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If we are to invest in something new for our homes, we will want to be sure that it will actually better what we have already got in every way possible – because if it doesn’t, there isn’t much reason at all to spend out and make the investment. With the Bygone Collection sash windows, you can be certain that they will not only benefit you, but also benefit the environment we live in.

When it comes to installing new windows or anything on the exterior of your home, the major benefit you will want to gain is an attractive appearance that is backed up with energy saving benefits which will lower the costs of your heating bills and in turn aid the environment with less carbon emissions.

All of our sash windows, which include the timber and PVC-U range are Energy Savings Trust recommended and come with a Window Energy Rating (WER) of A as standard, which just goes to show our commitment to ensuring that while these windows may look traditional, are at the forefront of saving energy and providing your home with better insulation. This is essential when looking for new windows because according to the Energy Savings Trust, 20% of the heat lost in a home is through its windows – creating a significant impact on both the environment and how much we spend on bills. Our sash windows are proven to reduce this heat loss by at least 74% (when compared to single glazed timber sashes).

Not only does the build quality of our sash windows benefit you, but how they are built also strives to be friendly to the environment, as firstly our timber sashes are responsibly sourced from sustainable forests and our PVC-U makes use of recycled materials to ensure that what you may be replacing isn’t going straight to a landfill site.  To find out how else the Bygone Collection benefits the environment and homes across the country, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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