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Owning a Listed property or one that’s in a conservation area is a real treat. Rich with history, it and the surrounding district is being protected to retain the special character of the neighbourhood. However, when it comes to improving your home or renovating, to tailor it for your exact needs, can sometimes cause problems.

When you are looking to make changes, conservation officers often demand that they’re in keeping with the period and character of the property, which can in turn make it difficult to find the right materials which create the authentic look of the original windows, yet offer all the modern day benefits like warmth and security.

Fortunately, when it comes to the windows for your conservation property, we at Bygone have the perfect solution through stunning sash windows that encapsulate 300 hundred years of tradition in their design but still offer the same style and fenestration with all the benefits required within a home of today.

Listed properties require planning approval however a conservation officer’s role, is less onerous, their job is to maintain the kerbside appeal of an area, in other words, protect or enhance the original charm of a property, ensuring homeowners avoid inappropriate additions, that damage the local character and affect the traditional aesthetic.

Conservation officers naturally dislike the damage that so many owners have inflicted upon their homes in a desire to install cheap double glazing, which has ruined so many properties in the UK, they simply won’t allow bright shiny white, PVC-U double glazed windows, that simply don’t fit in with your old property’s design.

Here at Bygone, we have however developed stunning sash windows that use the latest techniques to effectively replicate the traditional sliding sash design and make it incredibly difficult to tell the difference between the originals and our modern day alternatives, things like, grained wood foil finishes, slim meeting rail, deep bottom rail and traditional butt jointed construction with bespoke Porcelain ball furniture.

As a result of the effort we have gone to in creating sash windows that exude authenticity, an ever increasing number of conservation officers are being won over and approving our designs for use in properties in conservation areas.

More importantly, we’re material neutral. If you seek the beauty of timber then our traditional weights and pulleys window or the spiral balanced window is perfect, however if you desire real sash windows with a “wood grained” textured finish as an alternative, then our SymphonyHarmony or Melody windows will be a better selection.

Alongside the benefits they offer in terms of appearance, our sash windows being A rated, will also improve the energy efficiency of your entire household as well as offering a heightened level of security, because every window is “secured by design”, the Polices preferred standard for enhanced security.
We’ve helped owners of properties right across the country, in conservation areas, grade 2 listed buildings, those located within National Parks and even a property on a World Heritage Site have all previously installed windows from the Bygone Collection, so why not make us the first choice for windows on your conservation building?

For more on how our windows conform to conservation area standards and to discuss an installation on your particular property, don’t hesitate to get in touch by giving our team a call on 0800 0484 671 or emailing to receive a free conservation guide.