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PVC-U windows are once again in the press, this time being opposed by Dr Simon Thurley, the Chief Executive of English Heritage. At Bygone Collection, we are well aware of the opposition that PVC-U windows face from many quarters, but we believe that our high-quality PVC-U sash windows are a great example of how, if designed and manufactured correctly, PVC-U can be perfect for all homes – even those in conservation areas.In an article published in the Financial Times, Dr Thurley dismissed PVC-U windows as a poor choice for period properties, and questioned whether these modern windows were appropriate for installation in older buildings. In response, the GGF stepped in to defend PVC-U windows and their use in period properties. Bygone Collection are members of the GGF, and we would like to echo their sentiments by reiterating that PVC-U windows are perfect for all properties – both old and new.

One of Dr Thurley’s main criticisms was that PVC-U windows can never effectively replicate the style of traditional windows. As Nigel Rees, the Chief Executive of the GGF, responded;

“Many PVC-U window manufacturers (particularly those that manufacture vertical sliding sash windows) have made great strides in recent years to incorporate enhanced features to their products.”

At Bygone, we have worked hard to develop our design process to enable us to reproduce the style of traditional timber sash windows in PVC-U. Our windows are widely recognised for the quality of their design, and for the authentic touch of style that they can bring to any home. Bygone Collection sash windows have previously been approved for installation in conservation areas, which makes them a viable choice for homeowners with period properties.

As well as being crafted with authenticity in mind, Bygone have also developed a responsible manufacturing process which minimises the environmental impact of our operation. To learn more about how our PVC-U sash windows could update your property, without detracting from its appearance or damaging the environment, contact our team today. You can rest assured that Bygone Collection PVC-U windows are a great investment for your listed home or period property, regardless of what PVC-U opponents might say.