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Plastic has been demonised over the years and it is easy to forget about the really positive aspects of plastic and how it has improved our lives in so many ways.

Here are some interesting facts provided by the British Plastics Federation: –

  • PVC-U windows have a lifetime of at least 35 years
  • Food waste has at least 10 times the environmental impact of packaging waste
  • PVC blood bags have been saving lives since the 1950’s
  • The use of plastic film in the cultivation of crops can increase yield by more than 100%
  • Vinyl pipes help prevent costly water leaks in waste distribution systems
  • Many of today’s most innovative medical procedures are dependent on the use of plastics
    • Special polymers are used in capsules that release the right dose of medicine at the right time
    • Because it is hygienic and safe, plastic is used to make most of today’s contact lenses
    • Certain types of tailor-made polymers are used to advance medical technology such as restoring functionality of hearts, joints and teeth
  • Insulating foams in buildings save 2,400 million tonnes of greenhouse gas in their lifetime.
  • Lightweight tennis racquets made from carbon fibre plastics composites make it possible to reach serves of 125 mph.

Our PVC-U sash windows are the ideal replacement for original timber box sash windows combining the low-maintenance and energy efficiency of modern material with the classic aesthetics and traditional designs of timber.

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