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Modern advances in technology and what we can produce means that each year there is something new that replaces what we already have, as it works better and suits our lives in this modern world even more. However, when it comes to certain products, we can be left yearning for past iterations to relive their timeless character and the joy that they bring to our lives. Take the unique appearance of sash windows – no conventional window solution can live up to the instantly recognisable design, no matter how much they are chosen for their suitability to the modern home. It is for this reason we developed the Bygone Collection.

In addition to our PVC-U sashes, our timber and hardwood sash windows also maintain the traditional appearance that makes them such a desirable choice to have adorning the windows of our homes, although what makes them unique is that they combine this authenticity  with all the benefits of energy efficiency that are so important in today’s homes. We achieve this by utilising the finest materials which include high quality timber or hardwood and the very latest in glazing technologies. We will then tailor-make each window to the specific requirements of your home for the perfect result each and every time.

The Bygone Collection commitment to the environment continues throughout each and every sash window we produce as all timber we use is responsibly sourced and treated to prevent fungal deterioration. We are also proud to announce that all wooden sash windows are BFRC A rated as standard, in addition to being Energy Savings Recommended by the Energy Savings Trust.

These great green credentials make either our timber and hardwood or PVC-U sash windows the perfect choice for any modern home that values a timeless appearance as much as they do the environment around them, and how much they save on energy bills as the many months and years roll on by.